Here’s what you might have missed on the blog

BY: Ross McCall

Here’s What You Might Have Missed on the Blog

Inspiration can be a tricky thing. Sometimes I experience moments of inspiration that fail to translate into consistent action or lasting changes in behavior. When that happens I can feel hopeless or guilty.

Are you that way too?

Maybe at church or Bible study you hear someone say, “I think God’s telling us we need to…”

Have you been walking with Jesus for a while? If so, you may already have a long list of expectations you feel you should be meeting. Some of them came from the Bible. And it’s likely a few came from your peers or the nature of your own personality.

The bottom line for me is that I want to see God at work. I want to know I’m part of what he’s doing in the lives of people I interact with each day.

But I have a full-time job, a family, a social life, church commitments and a house that needs renovation. So how do I keep my desire to demonstrate the gospel to the people in my life a priority?

One step I’ve taken is to download MissionHub.

I’m a flat-pack furniture kind of guy. So if I’m going to build something big, I need the task broken down into steps I understand. I need to know I’m making progress. MissionHub does that for me as I follow Jesus’ commands to love my neighbor and make disciples.

The MissionHub blog gathers a diverse community of voices. These individuals are all also trying to obey those commands from Jesus. Here are some recent posts that might resonate with you as you think about your own steps of faith.

Sick of missing opportunities to take a step of faith?

Are you stuck for the right words when the moment finally arrives? Are you unsure how to know when it’s time to speak up about your faith? Here’s a way you can see God at work and know you’re a part of it.

Who do you think you are to talk about Jesus?

What gives you the right to tell anyone what you believe about God? And how do you live in a way that demonstrates what you’re trying to communicate? The answers may be found in places you never expected.

Are you afraid of messing up a conversation about the gospel?

You have built your life on belief in Jesus. Starting a conversation about that fact with someone you do not know very well is a major step of faith. You do not know how the other person will respond. So how can you overcome the fear of rejection or of messing things up?

Who does God want you to focus on loving?

How literally do we need to take the command to love our neighbors? Discover what happens when a family chooses to stop being selective with Jesus’ command.

Does taking a step of faith have to be scary?

Do you ever feel like you’re not taking a step of faith if the step is not intimidating? Discover a different perspective on being totally committed to accepting the daily invitations God gives us.

When you cannot see what God is doing with your steps of faith

How do you continue taking steps of faith with people when you cannot see the difference it’s making? Maybe the answer lies in the way we look for signs of God at work.

Why is demonstrating the gospel a community thing?

We often hear from our Christian leaders that we should share our faith with others. But is this something we have to do on our own? Discover how to demonstrate the gospel in the way you do community.

What challenges do you face in sharing your faith?

Please send us an email and let us know about a topic or challenge you’d love to see us tackle in a blog post.

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Ross McCall is the editor of the MissionHub blog. Words matter to Ross. He is passionate about finding ways to communicate, in everyday language, what it means to follow Jesus.