Webinar 1: Your Fall Launch and MissionHub

Webinar 1: Your Fall Launch and MissionHub

As you prepare your movement for the Fall semester, join the MissionHub team to hear what has been happening with the product, what has changed, and how it can help your movement be on mission, together.

Access the slide deck here. Primarily for leaders of campus ministries preparing for a new school year, but might be of interest to anyone using MissionHub.

See the outline and time codes.

(0:00 – 18:36) Matt on the 3 Things MissionHub believes. What we’ve learned as we have listened to users and observed how movements make disciples.

(18:36 – 26:25) Alex on MissionHub’s core value to you. A look at the 5 ways the mobile app helps you stay on mission.

(26:25 – 34:05) Eric on MissionHub Communities. Your movement on mission together. Now you can Celebrate all the steps and actions your movement is taking, Access Contacts, See interested people from your Surveys.

(34:05 – 50:47) Questions from the attendees.

(50:47 – 56:31) Hear from two developers, Daniel and David, working on MissionHub and what their prayer is for you as they make it.

Want to see more? We suggest going HERE to see more of how it works.

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