Suggest a COVID-19 step of faith

Now more than ever, the world needs the hope we have in Jesus.

MissionHub needs your help to create new steps of faith we can suggest to people. They need to be relevant to our present reality.

Can you help us?

What steps of faith have you taken since lockdown began? What steps of faith do you want to take? Share your ideas with other people through MissionHub.

Suggest a step of faith we can add to the app

If your step is added to the app we would like to let you know.

“But I’m not an expert in taking steps of faith.”

Good news, we’re not looking for experts. 

Do you pray for people? Do you care for people? Do you want anyone living in fear of the coronavirus to have the hope you find in Jesus? Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

You can suggest steps that another Christian could take either alone or together with like-minded friends. We need both.

Check out some COVID-19 steps of faith that already went live in the MissionHub app:

So what step of faith do you want to suggest? We’re listening.