New Ministry Season

Hooray for a new ministry season!

These are exciting days as college campuses come alive again, ready for a new season.

The MissionHub team is excited to see what God will do on your campus this year!

We believe when people take simple, faith filled steps with those around them, they will see God work. And who doesn’t want to see God, right?!

Matt from the team gives you a quick (1:26) tour of how MissionHub is designed. Watch now or keep going for three steps to get MissionHub set and ready for your ministry.

Next: Setting Up Strategically

A lot of ministry is  a group of people believing God and heading in a similar direction.

MissionHub helps your ministry take simple acts of faith with people in their life. Over time, you get to watch the growing network of impact happening in your community, but this takes some thoughtful setting up.

Let’s Go! >

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been invited but can’t log in. Help?
Is there a difference between the mobile app and the web?


I haven’t been here in awhile. Is this still a CRM?

Yes… and no.

Why is there a Personal Ministry and then the other Ministries I’m in?


We use surveys at our campus, is that still supported?


How do I import people from paper surveys?
Can I assign contacts to other people?

Yes… and no.

Can I add labels?


Can I submit stats?


Can I see what other people are doing in the ministry?
I’ve changed teams, how can that show up in MissionHub?
How do I add a new ministry or campus movement?

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