Getting Started

You are part of God’s plan for your campus

College is a unique chapter in your story as you live alongside your friends and dream together about the future. You are conscious of adventures that lie ahead of you, and you wonder who you’ll share them with.

As you take simple steps of faith with people around you, God will guide you into the moments that changed lives are made of.

Do you hear His invitation to a faith adventure?

Your invitation from Jesus – “Go and I am with you.”

Jesus told us two amazing things His last day on earth.

He said he has all authority everywhere. He also said he’s always with us wherever we go. Remember those two promises as you hear His call to make disciples near and far.

MissionHub helps you embrace His invitation in three ways:

  1.   We help you think about the people in your life the way Jesus does.
  2.   We help you join people on their spiritual journey.
  3.   We help you celebrate the impact your movement has on campus.

Go to the near

As you walk on to campus for a new semester, stop, look around, and think about the people God has put around you. Roommates, classmates, friends – God invites you to be intentional with your everyday relationships. So where to start?



Sounds obvious, right? But we still can miss making the most of every moment with people. MissionHub gives you a place to prioritize whoever God has placed in your life.


While everyone’s spiritual life is unique, many people progress through a five stage journey toward God. MissionHub uses these stages to help you decide how to best join someone on their spiritual journey.

Steps of Faith

We suggest relevant steps of faith to take with the people you care about. If our suggestions aren’t working for you, just create your own steps and we’ll send you reminders.

Go to the far off.

When Jesus invited the disciples to “Go” he started with people and places they knew well but soon their faith adventure carried them to the end of the earth.

As your movement prays for your campus, people are waiting to connect with someone like you. How will you seek them out?

Find the interested

MissionHub helps you identify people who are open to having a follow up conversation with you after completing a survey.

Join someone’s journey

When you want to connect with someone curious about faith, just click “Assign to Me.” You’ll be able to connect right from the app. This person now appears on your People tab where you can continue taking steps of faith and tracking their journey.


Expect and celebrate Jesus with you.

Because we trust Jesus is with us, we expect to see him act. Your MissionHub Community is where you take steps of faith side by side with others in the movement. Over time, you can see how your movement is influencing your campus.



When someone in your movement takes a step of faith, you know about it. This fuels your faith, and you can celebrate what God’s doing.


See the influence of your movement on campus then watch it grow throughout the school year.

Joe stumbled on MissionHub. It sounded too easy to him.

But just listen to what happened as he’s been intentional with those around him.

“It has been transformational for me.”  – Joe

You are here right now for a reason. Ready to join in?


Download MissionHub on your mobile phone and we’ll guide you through getting started. We’ve got you’re downlinks for Apple and Android.


Contact your local movement leader (probably the one who sent you this link) and tell them you’re ready to join their MissionHub Community and take steps of faith, together.

What if?

If you need help getting connected, or don’t have a movement on your campus, contact us. We are here to help.

Get MissionHub

See God at work and know you are part of it.