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College is a unique chapter in the lives of millions of college students as they dream together about the future. They are conscious of adventures that lie ahead of them, and wonder who will share the journey with.

You already know God guides you into the moments that changed lives are made of. Thank you for giving your life to help others experience that also. MissionHub is here to help you.

We’ve created a webpage to share with your movement, but these next few pages are for you.

Four steps to maximizing your movement’s fruitfulness with MissionHub.

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1. Set up strategically using labels.

2. Invite people to join your movement using permissions.

3. Create intentional relational connections using assignment.

4. Find and join interested people on their journey using surveys.

Now, let’s get started and see what’s possible.

Step 1 of 4: Set Up Strategically!

If you’re new to MissionHub feel free to skip down to Getting Organized. If you’ve been using MissionHub, though, let’s be honest. Over time everything just gets messy.

There are a few simple things we should do first to make sure everyone using MissionHub has an experience that is simple and helpful.

A little clean up

Living in a college community means lots of new friends, but also lots of goodbyes.

Here are three groups of people you need to decide whether or not to archive. Archive means you’ll keep them in your MissionHub ministry but we’ll just keep them hidden so their information doesn’t clutter things up.


The graduated.

The campus is the greatest sending engine to the worl

d! For a season, amazing people are incubated in the greenhouse to then be sent 

out to change the world. If a graduated student isn’t going to continue to volunteer, then we’d suggest archiving them.

The uninvolved.

People’s lives have different rhythms. For various reasons, some people might decide to not be involved in your ministry right now. If you 

decide to archive them, don’t worry. If they come back around later you can bring them back to active again.

The old survey contact.

During the first weeks of each semester, ministries all over the world gather hundre

ds of thousands of survey contacts. MissionHub wants to help you connect quickly with those who are interested. If you take a look through your co

ntact list there might be names from years ago. Go ahead and archive them if they’re not involved. Don’t worry. You won’t lose their info.


One note of caution, though. When archiving or deleting lots of people, make sur

e not to archive or delete yourself or any other team leaders.

Learn more about Archiv


See a demo of how to archive people in your contact li


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Get Organized

Over the course of the school year, you can have lots of people in your ministry. Usually each person is connected to some type of group or interest.

Create and Manage Your Labels

Creating and using labels helps your team quickly find and serve people with common interests. You can use labels to organize…

  • People in the same graduating class.
  • People in the same parts of campus.
  • People completing the same trainings.
  • People attending the same experiences.

Create and Manage Your Groups

Groups are another great way to organize people. Groups are usually people who have committed to each other for a certain period of time. You can have…

  • your leadership groups.
  • your Bible study groups.
  • your mission trip teams.

By doing a little work ahead of time, you’ll make it easy for your team to filter people by what they are doing and interested in, then communicate directly with them.

Learn more about Organizing

See demos of how to set up labels and groups.

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Next: Build Your Team

You’re probably not the only one you know on campus who wants to impact others.

Let’s make sure your ministry team is set up, and then let’s invite other people to join the ministry to your campus community.

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