First Steps with MissionHub

God has put you here. Now. For a reason.

As you walk on campus for a new semester, think of all the people God has put around you. Whether it’s roommates or classmates, people you know or people you bump into, God is at work around you on this campus. MissionHub wants to help you see this and know you are a part.

There are three main ways MissionHub can help and it involves the people in your life, the steps you want to take, and the impact you will make.


Who do I focus on and where do we start?


The gospel comes to each of us on its way to someone else. God invites us to join in with what He’s doing in the people all around us. MissionHub gives you a place to prioritize whoever God has placed in your life, so you can make the most of every moment with them.


While everyone’s spiritual life is unique, many people progress through a five stage journey toward God. MissionHub uses these stages to help you decide how you can best join someone on their spiritual journey.

How do I decide our best next step?

Steps of Faith

One of the best ways to grow closer to God is to help others know Him, and MissionHub wants to help. We’ll suggest relevant steps of faith to take with the people you care about. If the steps we suggest aren’t working for you, just create your own and we’ll send you reminders to see how you’re doing.

Focus your Week

We often need help focussing on the people God’s placed in our life. That’s why the MissionHub team created Focus Your Week. Now one tap let’s you choose up to three steps you want to take. You choose your steps. We send you handcrafted reminders. No-one gets forgotten.



How do I see what God is doing?


MissionHub saves all of your completed steps so you can see how your relationships are developing. This is the story of you, God, and the people you both love.


Every detail of MissionHub is designed to help you love others and notice what God is doing. Our Notes feature lets you save important details about the people you’re focussed on, like favorite food, hobbies they love or something interesting they said.


As MissionHub users like you take steps of faith, this feature celebrates what God is doing through all of us. He wants you to see Him at work, and know you are part of it.

Joe stumbled on MissionHub. It sounded too easy to him.

But just listen to what happened as he’s used it to be intentional with those around him.

“Simply put, it has been transformative for me.” -Joe

A Few Questions You Might Be Asking

What influenced MissionHub’s Stages and Steps?
What is MissionHub’s perspective on spiritual growth?
Is this for evangelism or discipleship?
Isn’t this a little impersonal?
Can other people see what I’m doing?
Am I judging people’s spiritual journey?

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