Find and join the interested

Step 4 of 4: Find the Interested

Go to the far off.

When Jesus invited the disciples to “Go” he started with people and places they knew well but soon their faith adventure carried them to the end of the earth. As your movement prays for your campus, people are waiting to connect with someone like you. How will you seek them out?

Many campus movements us spiritual interest surveys to find those who are interested in spiritual things or even joining the movement.

Admins can access the survey creation tool from the web app underneath the specific ministry you are creating it for. Once you create your survey you can use our web or text message forms to collect responses. Or you can still do the paper and pencil route and add the people in later through our import features.

Learn more about creating surveys.

Get step-by-step instructions on creating surveys and using surveys and be sure not to miss an interested person wanting to connect.

Start creating

See who is interested

Find the interested

MissionHub helps you identify people who are open to having a follow up conversation with you after completing a survey.

Join someone’s journey

When you want to connect with someone curious about faith, just click “Assign to Me.” You’ll be able to connect right from the app. This person now appears on your People tab where you can continue taking steps of faith and tracking their journey.


Expect and celebrate Jesus with you.

Because we trust Jesus is with us, we expect to see him act. Your MissionHub Community is where you take steps of faith side by side with others in the movement. Over time, you can see how your movement is influencing your campus.



When someone in your movement takes a step of faith, you know about it. This fuels your faith, and you can celebrate what God’s doing.


See the influence of your movement on campus then watch it grow throughout the school year.

Ready? Of course you are.

The MissionHub team can’t wait to watch what God does as you and your movement take steps of faith with those on and around your campus.


Every person matters.


Every step your movement takes counts.


And we know, because we both have experienced what happens when people step out in faith: God works, disciples are made and movements go.

If you need help contact us. We are here. Click Get Started to go to the page we’ve created for you to send to your team and movement and see what God will do.

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