Webinar 2: On mission, together, in MissionHub Communities

Webinar 2: On mission, together, in MissionHub Communities

Learn how your whole movement can take steps of faith side by side with others.

We’ll be unlocking a new mobile feature called Communities where you can celebrate the steps and interactions people are taking, see all your movements contacts in one place, as well as get a special view of each person who has filled out a survey so no interested person gets missed.

Over time, your whole movement will see how they are influencing their campus.

Access the slide deck here.

See the outline and time codes.

(0:00 – 04:97) Overview of the 3 Things MissionHub believes. What we’ve learned as we have listened to users and observed how movements make disciples.

(04:97 – 10:08) See the five major ways Communities helps you be on mission, together. Celebrate, Community Members, Community Impact, Contacts, and Survey Contacts.

(10:09 – 19:54) Watch a live demo from Matt’s phone. Matt walks through the app, and shows how Communities works within the rest of the app.

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