Build Your Team

Step 2 of 4: In This Together

There are few things more exciting than seeing a group of people take steps of faith and see God work.

We believe God has already provide everything you need to reach your campus community. There are people out there who love Jesus and want to be a part.

The Involved Student.

There is almost no one better way to reach a campus community than a student from that campus. There are students who love God and want to trust Him for greater impact.

The Volunteer.

These people could be professors or employees of the school, members of churches in the surrounding area, or Christians who just have a heart to reach students. Volunteers add a powerful mix of life experience and passion to any ministry team.

The Full Time Minister.

Some campuses have people (missionaries and pastors) who are dedicated to ministering to students. They often provide a stable foundation for a vibrant campus ministry.

Learn more about Inviting Team Members

See a demo of how to invite people to use MissionHub.

Show Me How


How to Challenge Someone To Join the Mission

God moves in people’s hearts to invite them into His mission. Sometimes, though, they need some help in clarifying what that mission is and how to get involved. The Expedition Team from Cru has made a simple but powerful visual conversation tool which works. Watch the video below (4 min), then have these conversations with the people you thought of above.

After someone has accepted the challenge, invite them to join your MissionHub ministry.

Next: Make Intentional Connections

The Christian life is not made to be lived alone, and we also don’t minister alone. God has designed us for relationships!

MissionHub works best when people are connected to each other. By making those connections, you will be able to see the growing impact of the ministry’s faith actions.

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