Part 2: Relational not transactional

BY: Matthew Watts


MissionHub isn’t about creating ministry transactions; instead it’s about missional habits where you live.

We’d like to ask you not to think about your roll as Team Leader for a few minutes. Instead, we want you to have a similar experience students and faculty have thinking about how to live out their personal faith in a very personal way, where they live and invest their time.

Let’s sit down and work through the Key Volunteer Challenge. But we’re not going to ask you about your vision for the campus. That’s too easy.

Instead, we’re challenging you to your neighborhood.

Take a sheet of paper and at the top write your vision for where you live, in the middle rehearse 2 Timothy 2:2, then create your two lists of neighbors. (If you’re not familiar with the Key Volunteer Challenge, one list are people you want to invite to follow Jesus, one list are followers of Jesus you want to invite into the mission.)


No, seriously. Take 3 – 5 minutes and try it.


Ok, how’d that feel?

Do you know your neighbors enough to be able to write their names down? Are you aware of their spiritual story to know which side to put them on? Did it feel risky, exciting or maybe exhausting? Those are exactly the types of feelings and challenges students and faculty in your movement have to work through.

How does MissionHub help you and your students be on mission across all of life?

Who has God put around you?

MissionHub is about people and relationships. Whether it is a friend, family, classmate, roommate, or someone you met through a survey, MissionHub is designed from the person out. By asking you who, we want to help each MissionHub user be aware of what God is doing in the lives He’s put around them.

Where are they on their spiritual journey?

While everyone’s spiritual life is unique, many people progress through a five stage journey toward God. We use these Stages to help you decide how to best join someone on their spiritual journey.

Not only does this help you more relevantly love and serve people, it helps train your movement in how to think about where people’s journeys.

What step of faith to take?

Based on the person’s stage, we suggest relevant steps of faith to take with the people you care about. If our suggestions aren’t working for you, just create your own steps and we’ll send you reminders.

MissionHub wants to help you increase the missional habits of your involved and engaged students and see them grow to becoming leaders and guides of others.


Part 3: Try it out. Download MissionHub and follow these simple steps.

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