Part 1: How MissionHub helps your movement

BY: Matthew Watts

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When have you experienced God most powerfully?

There’s a good chance it was moments you were challenged to take a step of faith and trust God to show up.

Maybe it was someone telling you a crazy story that a man born to a virgin, claiming to be God, and resurrected from the dead loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Would you follow him?

Maybe it was a friend suggesting you tell your story in front of a lot of people. Would you risk exposure for the sake of encouraging others?

How about that time a staff person challenged you to drop your career path and join Cru. Could God provide for your hopes, dreams and needs in a different way?

You might even be feeling this right now. Will God help you lead a group of people forward in His mission?

Cru is at its best when encouraging (even provoking) people to take their next step of faith.

Why is that?

Because when a person takes a step of faith they will see God.

When you think of MissionHub we want you to think of it as an expression of this Cru ethos. We like to put it this way:

MissionHub helps you and your faith community be intentional
with those around you, one step of faith at a time.

Want to hear more?

Take a few minutes to hear the Product Manager, Matthew Watts, talk about:

  • the MissionHub team’s desire to serve,
  • accelerating Ministry Mode activity,
  • enriching Relational Mode engagement,
  • and the tension between serving highly trained staff and maturing involved disciples.

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MORE ABOUT Matthew Watts

Matt finds it hard to talk with others, one hurdle he’s hoping MissionHub gets him over. He somehow managed to find enough courage to talk to Kate, and now they’ve been married 20 years. They have four kids between the ages of a drivers permit and crawling.