Are you interruptible? Using MissionHub this year

BY: Matthew Watts

Are you interruptible_ Using MissionHub in 2019

Heather was elbow-deep in yardwork when movement down the street caught her eye. Her neighbor had just stepped out to walk her dogs.

Just a few days before, Heather had met with her small group. They took a few minutes to pray about which neighbors they each wanted to build relationship with. God brought this woman to Heather’s mind. So she decided to accept a step of faith to ask this neighbor about her experience with other Christians.

And now here she was, walking down the street toward Heather.

When God is ready to answer our prayer, are we ready?

It’s these moments in life — when we’re getting important, planned stuff, needed stuff done — when God tends to interrupt. Heather had prayed and waited for a moment to talk to her neighbor. But was this the moment?

She decided it was. She put down her tools and went to say hi and play with the dogs.

“I was definitely more proactive in creating space for her and being intentional,” says Heather. “I never would have thought to ask her that question if the app had not suggested it.”

Heather took a step that day. She and her neighbor hit pause on hectic lives so they could enjoy a deeper, more meaningful conversation about who Jesus is.

Have you seen God show up when you took a step of faith? The MissionHub team loves celebrating with you. So tell us your story.

How people like you used MissionHub in 2018

Heather’s story is repeating all around the world. One simple step of faith is exciting to read about. But what if we told you that in 2018 we together accepted 57,431 steps with 21,776 people? Over half of those people were “uninterested” in Jesus or “curious” about him. That’s incredible, MissionHub community! We know exclamations can be overused, but in this case we’ll make an exception.

That’s a lot of big numbers. But think how our families, neighborhoods, schools and places of work begin to look different when followers of Jesus like us begin to live on mission.

How could your neighborhood be different one year from now?

“Becoming good neighbors is part of becoming who God intends us to be. The result is that our communities become the places that God intends them to be.” That’s a hope-filled thought from one of our recent blog posts by Dave Runyon, author of “The Art of Neighboring.”

Dave has made available a simple, proven plan to help you build authentic, meaningful relationships with those God has you living beside. Please check it out.

The MissionHub team is humbled and delighted to be along on this faith adventure with you.

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